Rooftop lovin

You took me there again

we fell in love on the rooftop, again

I rediscovered you

I let it out again


the look in your eyes


our hearts speak of love

for what it’s all worth

fking with you for days long gone
asking for more again
for a long long time

The cows and I have faith

The cows and I have faith.

She sits there, by the moonlight, batting her eyelashes
she’s been abused, exploited, raped, beaten, harmed, and deprived
only the moon can see her tears from inside the factory

Her heart and mine are the same
we were brought here because of love
and there may be love out in the universe, still, to deliberate

I wouldn’t dream about you

I wouldn’t dream about you
had you not come
euphoria about you
there in your lines
words entwine
they give in so much about who you are
I couldn’t deny them
believe me (my love)
when I don’t say much
I say a whole lot
please excuse this complex…
matter of where things are

If you weren’t there
I wouldn’t dream about you

Both of us lost

Words come
when the winds come
and trace their fingertips
up and down your skin

when the spell of dry
gets quenched by the gulp of your tap water
when words form and dont say a thing
but those feelings spun by the heart etch themselves in writing

amid the desolate desert of life
where no flowers thrive
where there’s no rain
but the sun and the night, and then the sun
in this cycle, you come in and make a phone call
reload the gun
unleash the cascade of flooded waters
pierce the skin with thorns

and then the night comes
and then the next day
traveling through this unknown; time
both of us lost

Him: Arm’s length

He and the stripper were sitting across from each other at the table next week.
“Can we be close to each other without being lovers”? she asked him.
“Well, is there something to talk about?” He asked her.
“Some things specifically” she said.
“Like the theory of relativity.”
“I don’t know about that” he said as he looked away.
“It’s how everything’s relative, and it impacts us in every aspect of life” she said.
“Where’d you learn that?” he asked.
“I didn’t. I just assumed it” she said.
“Are we getting any more close right now? he asked her.
“Further, because you’re not sticking to the topic” she said.
“You standing there dancing on your pole, your mass is relatively distant from me. But relative to my emotions, that distance brings you closer to me” he said.
“Good, we’re getting closer now” she smiled.
“How much closer?” he stared into her eyes.
“An arm’s length” she said from across the table.


  1. He delivered burritos
  2. He worked nights while she worked poles
  3. He got a phone call
  4. I love depressed guys
  5. Highlight of the year
  6. A hug that would go nowhere
  7. Delusional state
  8. I just needed to talk
  9. She wanted a teddy bear
  10. With her

Caress you

I want to caress you
is that fine?
Trace my fingers across your warm skin
lift your shirt
trace some more
looking at your eyes
letting my heart talk and pour out

I wanna heal you
is that all right?

Lost in the sea of your warm eyes
a slow sweet demise

I wanna hold you
is that ok?
And look nowhere else but in you
smile, ever so subtly, please
speak, ever so softly, please
pout, ever so rawly, please

Do you want to make love?
oh, so, deeply
promise me yes…
yes, yes

I gotta save all the animals

It’s desperate, no one’s doing it. There’s calves in Switzerland with spikes on their noses so that they don’t drink their mother’s milk.
There’s people who pet and hug cows yet order their limbs for meal every night. Traitors.
There’s cows in Switzerland walking in beautiful hills, forming a normal life, but any day any one of them could be picked for murder.
The unruly muscular bull probably gets picked to die. Maybe the butchers hate his attitude. The unruly ones are easier to kill because you feel less guilty.
Are we humans or are we evil…

There’s pigs spilling off transport trucks that crash while taking them to slaughter factories. Wild ducks being caged.

Spiders being squashed out of someone’s amusement.

Street dogs being poisoned.

Wild animals being burned alive in agricultural fires and wildfires in the Americas.

There’s people who love animals eating and abusing them.

Foxes whose habits are being destroyed due to new constuctions.

Animals have nobody! The situation is dire and no one’s doing anything. I can’t sit here and be helpless all night. I’m gonna be their superhero, I gotta save them now.

They don’t have anyone that truly cares.

I gotta save them.

I gotta save them.

Becomes human

Wanting to be close to you
and to be afraid of being close
the gates to your castle
wide open for the waves to come in
you’re too intelligent, too complex,
too boring
yet too social
to not to hear you;
like thirst
give me too much
to the point I just want it
these are the concerns you have
when a study subject
becomes human

Him: With her

“Your story’s good” she said while blowing her cigarette up in air at the table with him.

Across the table, he dipped his fries into the ketchup then ate it. She wouldn’t have believed that the only story that ever mattered to him was the one with her in it.

‘Hell, I don’t even need to be in it’ he thought as he gazed at her. She wasn’t just the stripper whom he loved who didn’t love him back; she was the last ever love of his life.

“It’s whatever” he said disinterested as he dipped a fry in the ketchup.

“Oh I’d die for a story like that” she smiled with her eyes closed as she faced the ceiling. Seeing her smile almost made his heart skip. “Being picked up at my childhood home…” she said, “The guy asking my father if he could let me go on a date. Falling in love underneath the stars after the dance. You had such a typical, classic, sweet experience” she said with a pause, “That I never had…” she continued.

“It’s not that exciting” he dipped another fry into the ketchup.

“Oh it’s grand” she said as her eyes lit up, “How lucky you were to go on a date with her. I would have taken hours to get ready. I would have worn the most perfect gown. I would have laughed and danced with my date at the school dance and then we’d kiss underneath the stars afterwards. I would have gone to sleep that night smiling at the thought of falling in love. I’d go on more dates, get to know him better, he’d propose to me in a year or two, we’d have a lavish wedding blessed by our respective families, we’d grow old and happy together.”

His face turned red as he chewed his fry. He looked up at her and saw her smiling with her eyes closed as she talked gibberish.

“It’s not too late, you know” he told her, “Those things are possible.”

“But it’s not possible” she tried to convince him, “I don’t know my father. I didn’t grow up in a house. I’m old. I never finished high school. I never went to a dance. No parent would ever give their child a blessing to be with me. I have too many conditions to grow happy and old.”

“We could have it our own way” he said to himself.

“But there’s got to be no other way” she responded upon hearing him.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because I want it that way” she said with a broken heart. She got up and left the table to go back to work. He watched her glittery skirt move while she stepped up the stairs to get to the stage. He would have given her everything she wanted. He would have given up on all his memories of love, first love or whatever it may have been, if he could have the last with her.


  1. He delivered burritos
  2. He worked nights while she worked poles
  3. He got a phone call
  4. I love depressed guys
  5. Highlight of the year
  6. A hug that would go nowhere
  7. Delusional state
  8. I just needed to talk
  9. She wanted a teddy bear

The strange place that you’re from

I don’t know what you’re made of
it’s so far away, strange, and foreign
I don’t know if you’re a friend or a foe
but maybe we’re friends
at least it appears that way
but within this facade
is there anything more?
are you a mirage
time untracked
a place never known
the people in it, strange

I could go there with you
take me there
to this mirage
this place where I’ve never been

Him: She wanted a teddy bear

She wanted a teddy bear. She drove him wild. She was the stripper whom he loved, who didn’t love him back. He recalled a story she told him about a time when she really wished for a new teddy bear, but her single mother couldn’t afford one. Now that he was making money selling burritos, he thought about how he could be her knight in shining armor. He’d do everything he could to get her the teddy bear she always wanted. He’d get her the biggest softest one there is. He’d go to the end of the world for it. He went to various shops to find the one for her.

He got her the biggest softest teddy bear there was. She was dancing on the pole that night when he walked in and told her that he had a gift for her in his car. She told him she’d meet him during her break. He waited and watched her do her job. He was in love.

He asked her to close her eyes as they stood before his old car. He then told her to open her eyes while he held the teddy bear.

“Surprise!” he said, “Who’s cuter, me or the teddy bear?” he asked as he smiled.

She smiled back, “You ARE a teddy bear” she said. She then ruffled his hair like that of a kid’s before taking it from him. She hugged it tightly,  “You’re so sweet” she said, “So random and so sweet.”

“Anything for you” he said.

“Thank you, sweetheart” she said as she smiled and touched his cheek. She told him she was going to put it in her car now and go back to work. Inside, she’d do some more pole working on her scantily dressed body for money.

“Don’t work too hard” he told her.

“Why, teddy’s got me?”

“Teddy’s got you all day and all night long” he said.

“Can’t do that with a teddy” She chuckled and walked inside. He smiled in the dark for a moment in his own delusion before he headed out.


  1. He delivered burritos
  2. He worked nights while she worked poles
  3. He got a phone call
  4. I love depressed guys
  5. Highlight of the year
  6. A hug that would go nowhere
  7. Delusional state
  8. I just needed to talk

Him: I just needed to talk

He dialed the hot girl hotline. He fumbled through the steps for payment. “Hello…” a seductive voice answered.
“Hi” he said, “I just needed to talk” and he broke down and cried.

Typically, he would have gone to the familiar strip club and attempt to talk to the girl he loved. However, she only made herself available when she wanted. The rest of the girls there hardly ever wanted to talk either.

“Can I talk to you for a long time?” he asked in desperation.
“As long as you want honey” the deep womanly voice responded.
“My dog died” he blurted out with a cracked voice. That was a lie. He was actually alone, sad, and pathetic.
“Oh I’m sorry honey” the deep womanly voice said with an even gentle tone, “Is there anything I can do?”
“Be there for me” he whimpered. He looked at himself in the mirror. He had dark hair and his facial hairs was graying and needed trimming. His shirt was unkempt. He looked darker than normal in low light. Through the reflection from the window on the side of his face, he could see a tear mark below his eye.
“I’m there for you honey” she said.
“Thanks” he sobbed. He kept sobbing as she kept silent. When his sobbing subsided, there was more silence. “What’s your name?” he finally managed to ask.
“Selena” she answered.
“What are you wearing?”
“Absolutely nothing.”
“Can I touch you everywhere?”
“You can touch me anywhere honey.”
He then asked if he could touch her in her sensitive areas, to which she willingly responded ‘yes.’
“Can I make love to you front ways and back ways?”
“Oh yes honey yes” She responded.
He then asked her if he could make love to her in many other ways, to which she responded with a ‘yes oh yes.’
They made heavy sounds. They made petting sounds. They giggled. He cried.
“Selena I think I love you. Would you live with me forever for as long as I like?”
“Oh yes honey” she responded.
“Selena I love you” he confirmed.
“I love you too” she validated.
“Selena, let me give you my address and you come down here. I’ll take you around, we’ll go places. My room’s closet-sized and tiny, but I also have a living room with a window, and it’ll be my own once my roommate leaves. He’s leaving soon because I’m kicking him out since he only does drugs and doesn’t pay rent. I can manage the payment because I have a burrito job, but just barely. I know that’s confusing, but I manage burritos. I got promoted. I used to distribute but that almost killed me. Long story, will tell you all about it…”
“Hello…? Hello?” She responded on the other line.
“Hello? Selena can you hear me?” he asked eagerly.
“Hello? I can’t hear you…” her voice trailed off and then he heard even silence.
“Hello? Selena are you there? Selena?” he asked again. He heard no response. “Selena?” he asked again but still got no response.

After the call dropped, he went through the hassle of paying for the service again and called one more time. When it was received, he immediately asked “Hello, Selena?”
“Hi honey” the woman responded.
“Selena! My Selena?” he asked laughingly.
“It’s Tulip” the woman responded.
“Where’s Selena?” he inquired.
“I don’t know, but I’m ready for you honey” the deep womanly voice said.

It felt like the loneliness of a bar in broad daylight, the imperfections of a club room when the lights turned on, and the emptiness of bass beats when there were no one dancing. He felt just as empty and unmotivated; just as quiet and unfulfilled. He hung up.


  1. He delivered burritos
  2. He worked nights while she worked poles
  3. He got a phone call
  4. I love depressed guys
  5. Highlight of the year
  6. A hug that would go nowhere
  7. Delusional state

Him: Delusional state

He made her breakfast; whatever she wanted, and they ate together. They went for a nice afternoon walk. They huddled and cuddled. Watched their kids play. Kissed each other “goodnight” and repeated it the next day.

That’s all he ever wanted. It gave him purpose. He also had a supportive wife. Every night they pretended that they were meant to be together… that it was written in fate. Every morning they woke up with purpose; to cut through the day, the week, and to head into the weekend. Then they got old, and they looked back and wondered how it happened so fast. But when they looked back, it was nice memories. There were no regrets. Then they died, just like the couples before them, and disappeared forever.

He raised his head up from his desk and looked out the window at the gleaming sun. He had slept again and was thinking crazy things in his delusional state.


  1. He delivered burritos
  2. He worked nights while she worked poles
  3. He got a phone call
  4. I love depressed guys
  5. Highlight of the year
  6. A hug that would go nowhere

Him: A hug that would go nowhere

He looked out the window of his apartment’s living room. The sun was setting, and his feelings were just as distant. He thought about the temporary situations in his life, and how they made him feel so alive. And yet so empty.

Like that one-night stand he had with a stripper that led to nowhere. ‘What was I seeking from that anyway?’ He wondered. The other stripper that he was in love with didn’t love him, so he went with what was available. He looked at the sun and wondered if that was okay.

On his day off from work, he went out on a date with a woman. It was dinner at a casual place. She looked good and said all the right things. He looked at her, smiled, and didn’t talk much. Once again, he was lost and confused. Where would this go? Should he focus on just this moment? That would surely lead to the bed together.

Would she want anything more?

But would he? When he was in love with a stripper.

He decided he just wanted a one-night stand with her. With hugging. Lots of hand holding, caressing, and cuddling. Maybe he didn’t want one-night stand with her.

Maybe he just needed a hug.

But a hug that would go nowhere?

He looked at her with his eyes fixed. He debated all these things while she talked.


  1. He delivered burritos
  2. He worked nights while she worked poles
  3. He got a phone call
  4. I love depressed guys
  5. Highlight of the year

Him: Highlight of the year

They met up another weeknight at the same table in the strip club. She was still as distant as before. She dragged her cigarette in front of him. Her painted eyelids were cast down, and it seemed as if she was in deep thought. He stared at her. His light hairs shone underneath the club lights, while colorful changing lights reflected on her face. She looked beautiful in dark lighting. Her heavy makeup was flawless. When one looked hard enough, one could see the childishness in her face. Her youthfulness that never left. She looked up at him and said, “You know, you look pretty good under that light.”

It was a sadder night than usual for both. Maybe it was the full moon, or maybe they were just incomplete. He wanted her, but she wanted something else; fame, fortune, and everything that came with it. She looked at him, burrito boy couldn’t take care of her.

He smiled at her and said, “You look like an angel.”
She laughed softly tilting her head back, then looked at him. She shimmied her chest and laughed again.
“Do that again” he said.
“Only if you call me an angel” she said.
“Angel angel angel angel” he said.
She shimmied over and over some more.
“Angel” he said again.
She came up to him dancingly rubbed herself on him.
“Angel” he barely whispered with excitement.
She moved herself deeper and harder. He whimpered.
“I love you” he whispered to her as they looked at each other up close.
“I like you” she said. She then cradled his head on her chest and caressed his hair with her fingers. He sighed with relief. She tilted his head and made it face hers, “Gotta make some money” she said. Then she walked away towards the stage to dance for other men.

He sat back with an open smile as he looked at her. His entire day was made. No, he thought, ‘My entire year is made.’


  1. He delivered burritos
  2. He worked nights while she worked poles
  3. He got a phone call
  4. I love depressed guys