Snake around her hair

Maybe Yuval never feels lonely

Maybe I should just become like Yuval Harari. Dry, monotonous voice, talkative. Somewhere else in my mind,
alone at home. Make yourself believe that you don’t fear loneliness; that you wouldn’t go mad. Turn vegan because you’re frustrated with the world, and quite frankly, you’ve lost appetite. Get a cat and play with it on cold winter nights. He’s just as lost as you; adopted as an innocent little kitten who didn’t belong to society. All he’s known is your type. Certainly he’s had identity crisis. That’s what we do anyway, mess up nature.

I’m lost in this mass. We’re so over populated in this world, and yet we live alone in big empty houses individually. Our ancient prototypes lived in packs,
they weren’t lonely; they were ripped and cunning.
Now we’re weak and monotonous
confused in this mass
consuming thoughts of others and just unable to feel much
maybe Yuval goes to out-of-space in his empty house.
He forms theories, he talks to the spirit in the inner most part of his brain.
Maybe he’s never lonely; he’s got books to read, books to write.
Maybe he has a cat that he plays with at nights.
Maybe he never feels lonely when alone
because he’s always interacting…


Veered paths

Tell me, please
where do we go from here
I know where I wanna go
in your arms
guided underneath the shimmering stars in the night sky
only they know everything
that I feel about you
about this life
and the path it makes,
veered around you
away from you
watching you from afar
with distance in my eyes
and no solutions
in the lines that run the palms of my hands
there’s a place out here
where two lonely hearts stay
perpetually needing that warmth
that only one can deliver
the substance that one can give
the completion that one can fulfill
the satisfaction
all thoughts
contained inside your scented skin
underneith that shirt,
that I want to ease into and touch


Change is hard

Change is hard
change is dire
maybe we spent what felt like a couple of hours in that room
trying to figure out this lingering sadness, subtle and deep in our bones
from loneliness?
Facing this chill head on
in the silent room at night under the dim lights
with the cat on the edge of an empty bed
by my side


You look like that, And you got soul…

Dry ice;
like cold arms
sizzling ice on fire
matchstick on a box
your soft kisses
like an unloading avalanche
cascading waterfall like hair
released from a broken wall
unexpected ripping of the skies
a downpour of rain
on an otherwise pleasant
simple day
your eyes that take a glimpse and disappear
that appear again,
those familiar eyes
eyes that stay and linger
like entangled fingers
caught in each others
this time,
this time it’s hooked
smitten, duped
stuck like flies
on some viscid substance
how sweet each bit tastes
take it all in, little sweet bit at a time
we know it all too well and we don’t know
eachother at all
let fingers talk, and tell a story
let the words merely wish to whisper
only the eyes to daze
towards heavens
where our lovers stay
bring down their messages
through kisses, traced below the neck
each fiber much too uneven
fragile, felt
much too familiar
too understood


Losing you

In losing myself, I lose you
fading into the blue skies;
the only place I ever found you anyway
in my childish fantasies
where I was the seeker
and you were the gold
it was always you
it’s always been about you
in clip arts, in stories,
in conversations
in hopes
in my aching heart
it seems like
that will always be the case