Midnight Hour


Lying here in the middle of the night watching lizards eat insects above on the ceiling,
and trying to erase memories of a heartbreak.



Loyal love in the slow city



Is the love that I have as deep as Radha’s love for Krishna? Is it eternal like time? What is this love?

Can you feel this love as you observe a faithful dog follow its master. Such a loyal companion it is, made just for one.

Can you sense this love as you watch the raggedy old riksha driver pedal slowly along the dusty Biratnagar roads? He’s made for this place, the dust is immersed in his sweat, his blood.

Can you touch this love in the air? The fresh wind gives relief from the burning sun. The coconut trees dance with joy. The houses are silent and afar, and the streets are chaotically busy. Everything is one, everything makes due. Everything seems as if they’re meant to be.

This must be love.

Kathmandu Rooftop


If I were to stand out here naked with my feelings of anxiousness only, could you understand? Above I see the dark skies and the stars and when I look to the left; the large mountains. Above the Kathmandu roof I stand in, with airplanes shooting by with anger. It’s only a matter of days until I leave this place. I don’t feel love, nor lust, nor heartbreak, nor any other form of extreeme-ish emotion. So I want to stand here naked and look below at the world and try to feel as human as possible. Maybe it would alleviate some anxiousness, maybe it would help keep me grounded.