Subtle Warmth of the White Cotton Blanket

Raindrops on banana leaves
and subtle warmth of the white cotton blanket
distant strumming of the whiny guitar
rhythmic drumming of my heart;
beat like songs from the paddy fields during monsoon.

Sunshine and rainbows
runway clouds and fantasies
taste of fruits so sweet they cause pain
and sounds of birds; tweet so loud, they leave me
recklessness upset that I’m now amid silence.
I miss the airy mountains where I stood tall
I long for this heaven that thrives somewhere between echos
my homeland,
my dust.



Loving Something That You Hate

What if, all of a sudden, they sang and you became mesmerized.
What if you were suddenly nice to them, and they became nice to you.
Your eyes dilated like a new feeling and your heart poured warmth.
They were just scared like you; absolutely afraid.
They were just as protective towards the things they dearly loved.
And when you raised your hand for friendship, they took it. And you cried, as if you found another soulmate.