Save your tears for someone who really loves you

Like my grandma, she cradled me in her arms and rocked me to sleep. She took me on pilgrimages to a thousand temples, as far as the eyes can see. She pulled me up, higher and higher, until I was able to firmly stand amongst my peers in this brutal commercial world. She reminded meContinue reading “Save your tears for someone who really loves you”

What is love?

Smile. Sunlight. Beings. The world. The feeling of inclusion. The feeling of everything. The feeling that the heart has no capacity; it’s infinite. The reflection of light on a raindrop. The ray of light through the window. The way a trail of tear meets the curve of the smile. The feeling of being alone onContinue reading “What is love?”

I’ll take all your burden

He carried her helpless body in his arms Like a wilted rosebud, new in bloom with red petals Scarred from the harsh winds and rain. I will take you, kiss your bruised once smooth face And your tired red lips. Just you wrap your arms and legs around me and give me all weight ForContinue reading “I’ll take all your burden”