It’s absolutely shocking
How quickly this flesh will rot. It’s unbelievable how quickly the dead body is cleaned out of this place. She was just laughing the night before, so alive. It’s unbelievable how everyone that I’ve encountered can dissipate in a second. It’s crazy how soon the flesh can turn to ash, and I’m dumping her down the river. You. Dust. That was you…!! It’s unfathomable how they’ve all disappeared, cursing me with memories of them. They used to yell at us for being wild kids and messing in their gardens. Bright and sunny Marigolds. As if they owned it, as if they’d stay there forever. I’d go there always… I’ll go back there anytime. I don’t know where that place is anymore. I’m here in the manic office now. It’s sad how the 100% correct businessmen can make huge contributing decisions today, and be vanished from the face of the earth tomorrow. Walking flesh. Talking flesh. Everyone around me. Spontaneous lives. Waiting to leave. And I, an illusion to them as they are to me. They’re so quick to die and disappear. There’s got to be something longer term. There must be something everlasting. I sit here and completely guess. What the heck do I know? And why does, when that day comes, matter now.



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