Two companions

I love art. It dazzles.
If I get too into art, it has a tendency to sink me further in until I circle inwards into a vortex of confusion with no return.

I enjoy science. It clarifies. Science drags me out of insanity and showers me with cold water of rationality, makes me think logically, keeps me cool and comfortable in a stable kind of way; keeps me balanced, and routine, and mundane…

Then art thrills, it comes out of nowhere and sweeps me off my feet. It whisks me out of the mundane and makes my heart beat with obsession and thrill and it gives no rest, it then pushes and pulls, it drives me mad, and I start suffocating

Then science rescues like a fresh breath of air, calms me down, lowers my heart rate, stabilizes my mind, clarifies, and things start becoming orderly again, and then routine, and then mundane and then

Art brings me to life, it thrills,
Then slowly kills
Then science heals
Then art comes
Then science
Then art



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