Fun energy

Energy is one of the most valuable things, when you have it, give it off!


You need a lot of love

You need a lot of love, I get it.

Get it from the sunlight that caresses your tinted skin with kisses,
From the breeze that runs its fingers through your hair
From the water that smiles at your reflection
The moon who gently cradles your soft body to sleep

From the mountains that echo your name with obsession
From the pleasant lyric of a song that leaves your heart with murmur
From a sheet of dense grass that aches to hold your body
From everything that loves you
From the one who loves you

2013_07_05_RocketInSky_ChrisShot (2).jpg

Magnetism everywhere

If you ever question whether it’s “right” or “wrong,” it’s probably “right.” Cut yourself some slack, the entire universe is made up of attracting forces.

Attraction between the earth’s north and south poles keeps the earth spinning. The planets are attracted to the sun in a gravitational force that keeps it moving.
The solar system is attracted to the galaxy, and galaxies to galaxy groups and this big universe– although vast, is made up of these “little” attracting forces.

Matter is attracted to earth through gravity. Atoms are attracted to each other in chemical bonds. Even among lonely unicellular asexual creatures there’s a need to become two via fission, and among sexual creatures there’s a want to combine from two separate DNA. These dynamic and variable interplay of magnetism, forces and bonds between one other is everywhere, large and small. We are just a part of it. So cut yourself some slack for feeling like you can’t control yourself.