Dream Chaser



A friend before all else

Leaving is hard my friend,
‘Cause you know I don’t talk much,
but you get me and see how much I feel,
although sometimes I restrict myself from expression.
Why you wonder– I haven’t attempted explaining it.
But as always, you can see through my thin skin
and have felt the warmth from within it
and it’s said enough for the both of us,
that I’m a friend, before all else.


Memories of snow in the summertime.
Days of crying undercovers and hungering for a drop of sunlight. Gray clouds looming over the Midwest and suffocating our souls; causing it to turn gray too. The skin turns into an ash like color, making you forget who you are. Depression is the perfect word to describe the winters here. It’s the loneliest feeling in the world when you go outside and see no one, and hear nothing. Frost killing the fields, and the roads are isolated with sparse traffic. We’re always alone out here. It’s been twenty-three years, and I’m still dealing with it. We walk the frozen roads with hands in our pockets, with flying snow for company.

But here I see you when I close my eyes, walking alone, walking towards me. Hands in your pockets too, and a scarf around your neck.
Your teeth crooked and yellow, your eyes… lost. Your skin pale and deadly, and your vibrant lips, cracked.
Your clothing unstylish and lame.
You are wordless, but I can see your breath in the freezing air.
Before me you stand, isolated, calling out to me… calling out to something,
while the arctic winds cry the loudest silence I’ve ever heard.
Still your face flickers in the depths of my mind. Still the blizzard howls midsummer,
reminding of my gray skin.
Aching for you.


Rocking together

Rocking with you
to a tune like this
and sailing away
to some world faraway.
Floating in the sky
until we’re out in space.
Your hands in mine, and mine in yours
in still motion
with our hearts beating in synchrony
while the stars align perfectly,
in a horizon somewhere.

Tell me love, that we were meant to be
don’t utter a word,
I feel you.
Let’s just be like this
out here in space
with the universe around us,
and the world behind us
rocking together
again, and again.


I find you in the shadows

I find you in the shadows, following me around as if it’s your mission to capture my heart. Shadow souls, thumping beats, colors transmitting through our nerves as if it’s a signal from a universe far off, coming towards me, swirling around me from these shadows, filling my senses with whispers of you, sights of you– like sparks—like the formation of new stars.
The farther I run, the faster you follow, the quicker I hide, the tighter your grasp around me.
It’s power that only you and I possess, these extremities of our desires, the long awaited desperation that makes the world shake and throb with earthquakes like there’s no tomorrow. The maddening happiness with you, my shadow.
The magnificent combination of you and I,
the churning black hole that captures all the colors of the world, all the bright lights, all that shimmers and all that transmits through the dark, dark nights—
bursting at once in the skies and raining down on us with pieces of rainbow confetti,
broken pieces of you and I,
pieces of your scent, your soul, your heart, and your vigor mixed with mine in a perfect assortment of bliss and happiness shattered all over the ground.
My happiness in you and yours in mine. Running down the ally of broken dreams and shimmering glass, never giving up, following each other like shadows
in different abstract lengths of long and narrow.

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