Golden haze

Pink and blue evening,
inside, a champagne spritzing of simmering gold.
Your lips, soft and mellow, smiling at my reflection from the glass.
My eyes, kaleidoscope with your vision
moving in a direction, inching closer to your face.
Blinds, over the window
hold back the dusk light dying to crack in
while the music sings, and the iris of your eyes dance to a tune
from within.
The lyric scalds and scuffs,
and your smile; smiles again in a repetition that only makes you so much more distant
in this shimmering haze of golden dust.
My dress, black, for you
fingers want
to touch you
lips painted in pink, laughing
leaves a trace on the glass
while the world waltzes around its golden rim
immersed in placid
blinking reflections
dazzling hallucinations,
fizzing sweet

20160810_204956 (2).jpg


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