He was sitting in front of the shrink amidst silence. “And you’re saying that you think there’s nothing wrong with you?” Asked the shrink.
“No, nothing major,” he responded.
The shrink wrote something in the notepad. “You’re saying,” continued the shrink “That you’re here because you just want to talk to someone?”
“Quite right,” he answered.
“Alright,” the shrink said followed by a moment of pause. “So let’s continue with where we left off. What was her name, this ex-partner that you were elaborating on earlier? You believed she had the most fascinating of names.”
“Serenity,” he spoke.
“Serenity was her name?”
“No, not necessarily. At least that’s what it meant.”
“So Serenity was not her actual name?” The shrink verified.
“No. I prefer not to disclose it for confidential reasons.”
“That’s fine,” the shrink said as he jotted something down. “And may I ask, what was fascinating about it?”
“She had large dull eyes. They were dark and they hardly had any spark to them. She didn’t talk much. But the most fascinating thing is; I don’t believe she even thought much. I believe she was vacuous.”
“Yes, it’s unfathomable.”
“Because there’s always a little voice inside my head. Talking in different tones and accents; depending on what I’m reading or thinking. It drives me crazy. I can’t fathom someone not always thinking or listening to little voices in their heads,” he explained.
“You found this fascinating about her?” The shrink asked.
“The fact that she was vacuous?”
“Yes,” he clarified. He shifted his seating position. “That could be fascinating, couldn’t it be doc?”
“One can suppose.”
“It makes sense to me. I find it fascinating because I want it in my life, badly.”
“Serenity, her?”
“Well, what happened?”
The man paused for a moment. “I quickly became fascinated by other things instead,” he said. He sipped the glass of water that was next to him, and the shrink did the same. They were sitting before each other amidst silence.

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2 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. Haha thanks. It came out easily in the beginning then I kind of struggled with it towards the end– not regarding the content and what I wanted to say, but in regards to how I wanted to say it and make it understandable 😀

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