How do you handle yourself?

How do you handle yourself? As an easterner as a westerner, as a man as a woman, as an artist; an analyst, emotional; emotionless, careful; careless, sensual; asexual, young; old, rich; poor, as a fighter, as a hopeless, as a leader, a follower; a rebel, a friend; a foe; a lover; a hater, beautiful; hideous, rational; crazy, gentle; ruthless, social; lonely, occupied; free, smart; dumb as a drum, as alive; as dead, as happy, as sad, as unappreciative, as valued, stylish; lame, wild; tamed, brave; scared; vibrant; dull, aggressive; timid, new; worn, remembered; forgotten; too far; too close, too present; too missed, too put together; a hot mess, too much of everything, too much of nothing, boring as fck, exciting as hell, a maverick, a sheep, unique, cliché, annoying, annoyed, relevant, outdated, tempting, repulsive, honed, trashed

How do you handle



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