Dinner conversation

I wanna open up to a girl one hundred percent, show her all my vulnerabilities and love her like there’s no tomorrow, he said.

I’m right here, she said.

I wanna hold her and focus on her face, kiss her, fall asleep next to her, caress her hair, hold her again and rock with her, body to body, motion to motion in a repetitive fashion for days and nights on end.

I’m right here, she said.

I want to fall in love completely, as if I’m bungee jumping off a cliff into a continuous free fall forever, and give her my everything; every inch of my palpitating soul, every inch of my generous, sensual, tangible warm body.

I’m right here, she said.

I need a girl who loves without limits, who matches my passion, my zeal, my sensitivities, my pain; who wants to touch me and hold me, love me and cry with me, who looks at me in the eyes and sees nothing else, who feels my burn and feels nothing else.

I’m right here, she said.

“Ready to go home?” He finally spoke as he looked up from his phone at the dinner table.
“Yep” she replied as she grabbed her purse, before they headed their separate ways.



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