I put you on a pedestal,
With fighting fish crawling under the mud at your feet
In a serene place enchanted with greenery
Where the rain drops with fragrant flowers
All around you, and at your feet
Where the monkeys laugh and play in swings atop balconies,
And the dragon snake slithers through the skies
That grumbles like mortar and pestle
And streams water from Shiva’s crown
Which flows into the rifts and valleys alongside the pointy mountains
That surround the pedestal that you stand on;
Smiling at the sky, and sometimes smiling at me,
As my heart swells with giddy




You and me, side by side, on the back of a rattling bus
Looking at each other smilingly; while hair strands fly across my face from the harsh winds that barge through the window
Along this crazy, winding, bumpy ride.
There’s so much joy bursting inside me, acknowledging that I get to touch your warm body with mine
There’s so much satisfaction that’s easing me down, knowing that your eyes are only a short distance away from mine.
There’s no doubt that we could gaze at each other forever
And I fear that I may stop breathing, if we were to look away.