Rock the boat

Daylight, turns into sweet night light
Your face, shines in a new type of light
Your smile, is the only thing I think of
In the new dawn

It stayed; it lingered on the dance floor
You said, you want to see me dance some more
In a dream
I left, not caring what you mean
Next day, not anything was different
But come time, I see you there from faraway

That smile, did something to me
Wanting, more and more
And more some more
‘Till it’s full blown
Like it’s something substantial
No deny
That we’re in it for the real deal
It’s not too late
It’s a new start to a new day
You with me
Like we’re rocking on a love boat
To nowhere
Got you in my arms, my new friend
Dusk mates; heart shines genuine like diamonds
With you here
Got everything I wanted
Just say it
Say how much you really love it
I wanna hear you
Sigh it again


Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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