Colors in the city

When the cold weather recedes, the days are bright and the air is flowy and fresh
I turn into a majestic peacock
dancing for you, dancing to the tune of your love
you make me alive, even in my dying days
these city walls collapse, and it becomes paradise
I can live here, like this,
only if you’re around and if you want me to
hovering around your warmth fills these rooms during winter time
when sky’s beak; it’s fine
because I’m focused on your attention
on me
dancing for you in your favorite
maybe yellow, orange, maybe olive
You say I wear black
but I hate clothes in that color
you say I’m a city girl
but I’m a nature girl
See us there…
on a cabana by the beach where the white sheets flow in and around us
caressing my lips against your face
it’s so pure and high; this love
but you make it dirty
with your creepy little mustache and the gold chain, wrapped around your neck
so distasteful in so many ways, I like it
this regret
so sweet you can make it
undercover hero in disguise
I see it in your blank eyes
guitar tunes all the way from the milky way
we listen to just one thing; our innate vibes
stumbling in between our glares at each other
you turn into the green almighty god of paradise
and I, your little dancing peacock
spinning and spinning and spinning for you


Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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