Empty house

I know you’re there
sitting on the front porch of an empty house
in this perfection, I’d walk in
wrap my arms around you

warm lights flicker inside the room
in between our close, moving bodies

it’s dusk outside
the geese are flying south
it’s getting empty in this northern town
sometimes, we’re the only ones here

I don’t know how I’ve found you
in this lonely world
the wolves howl to the moon out here
but in your arms, I’m in a tropical paradise
the churning sea; the forming lava in your eyes
cover me in these white sheets
float away, in an ocean of desire

the bats flap their wings outside
whisper soft, funny things in my ears

the winds whistle suspiciously down the street
sing me a song;
cradled in your naked arms

light a fire
and drink into our depths
tell me things that make you vulnerable
by a mere word or two

fire in the room, fire on your lips
the dance like in a fairy tale
gentle love
and sweetness
of love’s drink

things are so easy, when we just let it be
it makes so much sense
that I discover you
when I wasn’t looking

and now the wildflowers bloom
down lonely northern forests
in between the dark alleyways
over the fallen leaves of autumn past gone

you’re the magic man
you turn darkness into light
you turn the cold
into springtime


we can live out here
when it’s you and me, and me and you
our bodies mingled, our hairs tangled
our fingers explored, tasted
for lifetimes




Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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