The feeling of love

I believe in you
I believe that you’re real
I can be so stoic sometimes
but when I have emotions, I know that they’re real
I believe in this
I believe that this love is real
it penetrates the deepest of impermeable layers
it runs from head to toe
I’m nonexistent without it
there’s nothing else that matters
no religion, no age, no family, no money
no children, no interests, no talks, no anything
your name, in every inch of my body
just melting, like a fallen ice cream on a hot pavement in summer
rings of rainbow, growing in oil spilled streets
radiating skin, evaporating into thin air
every part of me, breaking apart and immersing with the earth
like an infinite sweet slumber


Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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