Off into the rainbow

Please believe me,
my hands are soft
and flowers rest on them
like my heart
and these soft words,
almost muted
for you

to you, whom I’ve rejected
and who has rejected me in return
to you, who travels far and wide

I trail behind, distantly so that you don’t see me
knowing that I could love you

like I could love anyone

but you, this time

once again

and next time

trust me when you go to your room alone at night

I wanna be there


and out in the wilderness

our sportive bodies, combined

trust me, I’ve thought all these things
amid my silence
and fake hesitation

fake gamble
but trust the wild
the trees, the buck that walks by the swamp in autumn rain

I’ll be standing there, taking photographs

wondering if you’ll see me, once again in my jacket like in spring-time
in these moments, when I feel the most unguarded

but I’m only seeing you in opposite times
you, just as candy-like and endearing

I could never amount to you

so farewell lover
goodbye summer, once again

’till we meet again

as I watch you from behind
and see you slow down with doubt
for me
underneath the rainbow


Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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