Maybe Yuval never feels lonely

Maybe I should just become like Yuval Harari. Dry, monotonous voice, talkative. Somewhere else in my mind,
alone at home. Make yourself believe that you don’t fear loneliness; that you wouldn’t go mad. Turn vegan because you’re frustrated with the world, and quite frankly, you’ve lost appetite. Get a cat and play with it on cold winter nights. He’s just as lost as you; adopted as an innocent little kitten who didn’t belong to society. All he’s known is your type. Certainly he’s had identity crisis. That’s what we do anyway, mess up nature.

I’m lost in this mass. We’re so over populated in this world, and yet we live alone in big empty houses individually. Our ancient prototypes lived in packs,
they weren’t lonely; they were ripped and cunning.
Now we’re weak and monotonous
confused in this mass
consuming thoughts of others and just unable to feel much
maybe Yuval goes to out-of-space in his empty house.
He forms theories, he talks to the spirit in the inner most part of his brain.
Maybe he’s never lonely; he’s got books to read, books to write.
Maybe he has a cat that he plays with at nights.
Maybe he never feels lonely when alone
because he’s always interacting…



Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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