Royal life

We belong in the likes of an open palace
where the air is sweet, the weather is warm, and there’s palm trees everywhere

You’ve got your golden robe and a crown full of pride, and I look up to you, like a helpless
little bride

We belong in the likes of a long forgotten castle, except I’m not Belle like I always thought I’d be
I’m more like the Beast
and you; a rose in my garden
surrounded by thorns
amongst gray dark castle days
with misty rain alongside your petals
I breathe in this freshness into my life
that only your thirsting glare can provide
and when the clouds rip apart and the sun beams its warmth into my face
and the butterflies fly all around as if a heart has been lifted
Then you can see the amber somewhere deep within my void eyes
while I stand still, uncovering you


Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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