At times like these

At times like these, I wonder what they went through
believe it or not, in World War Two. It reminds me of a book by a Russian-American author who writes about a girl having regular girl conflicts amid warn torn Russia.
I never finished it; not much of a reader. It was suggested by a friend who has… had major issues.

What does one do when the world is in a lock down? She had everyday problems too; trying to get food, dreaming about a boy whom she liked who may/may not have liked her back, sister problems, parent quarrels, etc.

Then things got dire suddenly. But you don’t get desperate in one step, it happens in phases. At the peak of it, everyday nightmare was the norm. So much so that the nightmare wasn’t even nightmare anymore. It was numbing.

Is that what the pigs went through when they were partially burned and then buried alive in a large pit? That video has been engraved in my mind. Their screams, just like that of a human’s.

Where am I getting at.
Desperation. Isn’t it all the same?
When we get out of it, who will truly understand? Not those future humans who will read about it, only those who experience it.

Just like I’ll never understand what they went through in World War Two, no matter how much I read about it.

Maybe our lives exist to experience trauma too, in some form or another. Everything’s all rainbows and balloons one minute, and then it pops.

At least, in hindsight.

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