Adapted dream home

What if this is a dream? I’m actually out there, and I wanna bring along a ruffled monster this time.
I wouldn’t want to be anywhere without him, I love him
and I think I’m saying this without fear.
The tranquil people are too curious to care.
It’s a place where I’m from
where fairies fly, and we tell scary stories
but only when I’m excited to hear them
it’s not a place at all
it’s a dream now
it was a dream then, but now it’s like even further
it’s so far that I can go there when
my eyes look faraway
and my surrounding gets blurred.
Like from a drone shot, I see myself walking along the swervy path with others
just relaxed and laughing under the sun
hearing the birds, smelling the pristine flowers
everything’s amazing over there
the rice and veggie meals
the drumbeats and echoes down canyons
it’s my dream
but it’s actually my home.



Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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