It’s hard to land a dude when you’re a witch, she thought. She looked outside of her cottage window towards the woods where the guy she’d been eyeing on for years stood. He stood near a hilly terrain and conducted business with several other men there. The witch sighed and looked at herself in the mirror.

That nose, nope.

That wart; has to go.

The moles, crepe lines, and blotchy skin; those have got to disappear.

She took off her black hat; her hair needed volume and shine.

She lifted her black dress upwards and slouched her flabby body as she looked at the mirror. Everything just hung.

She turned around and looked at her ass;

it was hanging too.

She frustratingly sighed and rolled her dress back down.

That night, she made a new banana-based face mask. It came out all lumpy, but she was still able to slather it all over her face. While doing so, she thought about all the misconceptions that witches had to live through;

that they ate snails

Ewwww, she thought.

That they rubbed blood, insects, mermaid tears and other crazy crap on their faces for a face mask,

insane, she thought.

On the contrary, she believed in using plant based whole food ingredients for everything. She began to grow angry thinking about all these false rumors that people had about witches. She took a deep breath and paused her thoughts before she became more angry.

No time for drama tonight, she thought, and wrapped a cotton cloth around her face to sit her face mask down.

She couldn’t clearly see herself in the mirror, but she looked like a mummified witch.

Anything for beauty, she thought.

She glanced at a star between the trees and magic-wished at the demon in the galaxy,

“Dear demon god of the milky-way galaxy, my magic-wish tonight, like every other night, is to be a really hot and sexy woman. Please demon god pleaseeee” she cried and shed a salty tear on her sweet banana mask underneath the cotton wrap.

Then the crying became an avalanche of tears and she wept her way to sleep. It caught demon god’s attention this time.

The demon god was sitting on the star and felt really bad for her. Shit, he thought, I gotta do something for her now, she’s been asking for the same magic-wish for years. He looked across at his other gorgeous demon wives queens princesses domestic partners and angels, and he thought how the witch deserved to be just as hot at one time or another, too. He pulled out his magic wand from underneath his chair and tapped it towards the earth.

Magic dust landed on the witch, and she woke up in the morning from a good night’s rest. It was a beautiful glorious day outside. Sunlight cracked through the massive lush trees of the forest and shined through the window at her. She felt a bit weird and immediately looked at her hands back and forth. She couldn’t see the usual wormy veins on them. She ran out of bed towards the mirror and hurriedly unwrapped the cotton cloth from her face. She gasped; she looked different. To her disbelief, she was absolutely beautiful. Just to double verify that, she wiped off the mashed banana remnants off her face and gasped again. She was truly stunning!

She hurriedly took off her clothes to the point that she heard a tear. As the clothes fell on the ground, she gasped at herself in the mirror again. Marvelous, just marvelous, she thought. Everything was tight, shapely, and firm. Her naked skin was glistening and glowing. She turned around and looked at her ass; it was just perfect. She faced front again and touched her belly, tracing her fingers around her waist; it was just taut, sensitive, and supple. Her breasts; just around her hands. Her neck, smooth and airy. Her hair; long and luscious. Her face was as perfect as what perfect was deemed to be. She squealed with giddy and ran around the house stark naked.

Thank you, thank you demon god, she thought whole heartedly, and got down to her knees and put her palms together.

She walked out of the cottage with her dress all stitched over and trimmed to fit her shapely figure. She also let go of her long hair entirely, which was sort of a crass thing to do in the town nearby. But she didn’t care, she was a new woman now. Well, not that she ever cared. She walked with gentle gait through the woods towards the hilly terrain. As expected, the hot guy was there. He finally noticed her, as did several others. She turned around and he looked away in a heated exchange. He had never seen someone so striking. She smiled at him, hiked up her dress a little more while navigating across a puddle, and then smoothed her disheveled dress back down. She flung her long hair as she turned around and walked in gentle gait away from him down the rest of the forest. I must get to know her, he thought to himself. He tried following her, but what magic, she was already gone.

She made it to the town, walked on by, and gained attention from everybody.

She sat a carriage, rode on a bicycle, and gained attention from everybody.

She sat by the cafe, looked up at the sky, and gained attention from everybody.

She stood up, people looked, she sat down, people looked. She loved it all. She smiled ear to ear with pride.

They all opened doors, they all gave her things for a discount; if not for free. They all tried to make small or long talks, they all wanted her,

they all loved her. And she, loved it all.

After several weeks, it started to get boring. She started to get tired of everyone. She got so much attention from everywhere that she even began caring less and less about the guy that she had once eyed. She wanted to be alone, and she cared for just one thing…

Mmmm, I surely am a witch, she thought.  She marveled at her scrumptious self in the mirror. She cupped her bountiful breasts together, and smiled.

The demon god on the star was looking, and fell out of his chair.




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