Witch 2 – Demon god visits


~The witch had a wish to become gorgeous, demon god granted her the wish, then the witch finally became happy (https://samasyatapasya.wordpress.com/2020/04/20/witch/)

The demon god who lived on the star had been watching the witch on earth much more now that she had become gorgeous. The witch didn’t know that, because she could never tell when demon god cared enough to look after her or not. She’d had the same wish to be beautiful for years, and it had finally come true after a very long time. Probably after one hundred years or something witchy like that. It was sort of annoying that nowadays the sun shone brightly at her during the day and the star shone brightly from the window at night. One night, it got so annoying that she had to peak through with her one eye open to slam the curtains shut. The light still glowed brightly behind the curtains.


Nevertheless, she cared little about these oddities because she was having a great time in general. She got up in the morning, admired herself in the mirror as usual, and powdered her already flawless face. She looked at her wardrobe full of customized sexy dresses and picked the one she was going to wear to town today. Unfortunately, she had to cover herself fully and carry sunglasses with her because the sun was just too bright, again. She stepped outside of her cottage and locked the door. She turned around and suddenly, she slammed into something. She screamed and looked up. She stepped backwards and observed a hovering figure before her. A choir made beautiful surrounding sound. The clouds parted and sun rays danced like strobe lights. A massive rainbow loomed over, and birds chirped and carried flowers in their beaks. They showered petals down at the shining figure below. The witch gawked at the very bottom; the feet had sandals on. Then moving her eyes slowly upwards, she saw strong legs, Greek-like outfit, shiny golden hair, the most chiseled jawline with a slight chin dimple, curvaceous lips, then finally a pair of attentive, gentle, and crystal-like eyes.

“Poof” he said as he widened his eyes and smiled.

“Who… who are you?” She asked apprehensively.

“Just a guy who stalks you… I mean, looks after you every day.”

“Demon go…”

“God. That’s right, god” he whipped out a compact mirror from his pocket then combed his fingers through his hair. He closed the mirror then put it back into his pocket. “You know those bright lights you see every day?” He continued, “It’s me checking you out. I’ve been obsessing over you verrryy much lately, and I want you to come to the star with me and live happily ever after.”

“Wait wait wait” she held her hand up, “This is happening way too fast. I don’t even know you!”

“What!? You can’t ever know me, I’m god!”

“Listen… god. I can’t do it” she crossed her arms together. They remained silent. Demon god put his hands on his hips and tapped his foot while looking away. The witch continued to cross her arms together and looked at the ground. Demon god opened his mouth to say something, then closed it.

“What does it take?” He looked at her and asked.

“Listen… sir…god, I don’t HAVE to come all the way over there. I get that I’m gorgeous; you want me, everyone wants me, even I want me! So let’s get to the point here, if you want to sleep with me, that’s fine! It’s not a big deal. I’m a witch, I’d do it with anyone if they’re nice!”

“It’s not like that!” he said. “The problem is, I can’t… because I don’t exist.”

She squinted her eyes, “You mean… demon gods don’t exist?”

“No, I mean… here, touch me” he said.

She touched him, but her fingers went right through him.

“See what I mean? I can’t do anything here. I’m just a cloud of thoughts… a vision, a reflection; a fragment of someone’s imagination here. That’s why you gotta come to the star with me. Over there, you’ll see that everything else is non-real and that the only thing real is non-reality itself.”

She stood still and contemplated, “So if I go there, I can’t come out into these woods anymore…?” She looked up and around at the beautiful lush green forest with soothing bird sounds.


She turned back and looked at her cute little cottage, “… and I can’t hang out in my kitchen and try new dishes anymore?”


She turned around and squinted her eyes at the ground. She took a deep breath and got the nerves to look him, “Then no” she braved.

“Oh come on! But you get to be hot and beautiful and sit on a star all day!”

“But I’m already hot and beautiful and I don’t want to sit on a star all day! Just go home demon god, please!”

“You know, I granted you this beauty and I could take it away” he crossed his arms together and tilted his head back.

She stood quietly with her eyes looking way, then she looked at him and said, “You wouldn’t.”

“I could” he insisted. He whipped out his magic wand from the side of his belt and hovered it over her.

“You won’t” she said.

“I can” he responded, inching over with a smile. He hoovered his face above hers and looked at her with half closed eyes. Up close, he was shining beautifully like diamonds. She leaned in more, and their lips lingered close to each other’s. She then remembered and pulled back.

“Why’d… you do that?” He asked bewildered.

“Because I didn’t know what that would entail”

“It wouldn’t entail anything!” He shouted, “It was just going to be a smooch. Geez, you’re so difficult.”

She covered her ears with her hands because his shouting was so screechy. “You know what, I don’t want to worship you anymore” she defied.

Demon god’s eyes grew big and it blazed with fire as his face turned red, “That’s it! I’m turning you ugly again.” He raised his wand high up.

She closed her eyes shut and covered her ears as she crouched down. He recited some chant and shook the wand at her.


After a little bit, she slowly stood up and looked at her arms. She ran to the window of her cottage and looked at her reflection more closely. It hadn’t changed a bit.


The demon god cleared his throat and recited something slightly more different and shook the magic wand at her again. Nothing happened. In a state of humiliation and disappointment, he tried again. Nothing.

The witch laughed briefly then stopped. It wasn’t that funny.

“Now can you leave me alone?” She asked him.

The demon god put the wand back into his belt on the side. He raised his nose high up in air and looked at her.

“I will be back” he said sternly. He then took a few steps backwards. He whipped out a cape with one arm, covered it around him, then disappeared.

The witch finally gave a huge sigh of relief. She dusted off her outfit, then continued with her day.




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