Boy crush

He was a guy she couldn’t identify, for the life of her
but he smiled
and he had a great body
and he was perfect in every way possible
he was nice to everybody, and everybody wanted a piece of him
he knew it, but remained humble

That’s what she liked most about him; not that he was extraordinary, but because he was so chill
and it was just too hot for her
his body blazing when he changed shirts

He could be doing it for her, because she watched him from afar
his freedom shone next to the window light amid the dark
as he shook his wet hair
she sighed, and fell into a mattress made of clouds
on there, it was just he and her
flying high, with no barriers between them
just four eyes, and lips; so close to each other
that they could almost kiss
and seal the deal for lifetimes
there’d be only games to play
and fields to run in

Able bodied and ready for the next thing
not pawn to life
no concern for time
in an infinite field of joy
full of flowers

The caress of his fingers over her cheek
the subtle kiss of his soft lips on her neck
the gentle stroke of his hand on her hair that let her know that he truly cared
way more than she thought
is it a dream if what you exactly wanted came true?
He looked at her and told her
as he shook his head no
Amid the confusion, he hushed her lips
then kissed them
embedding in his gentle tongue
she was everything he now wanted
and all of this was everything she wanted

Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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