Used pink condom on my high school parking lot

Reminded me of all the things I never got to do
young guys with savvy new cars; they’d just turn sixteen and were able to drive then
rich parents that allowed them to drive 60 miles per hour on a 35 miles per hour road
chicks with bleach blonde striped highlights and mini skirts
going to parties invited by in-town college dudes
skater boys with smokes in their lungs
and hard cold chest and perked nipples
goth dudes in the corner of the hallways reading something wild
punk dudes who ask you what your favorite planet is, and they claim theirs is Uranus
cool dudes who don’t care about the future
jocks and school presidents that do
privileged rights
and those struggling at homes
kids with identity crisis
brown kids in white schools and black clicks and
nerds who were gay and couldn’t hide it
teacher’s pet with a long nose
boys by the locker with growing armpit hairs
and pimples on their skin that drove me to want an older man so bad
government teacher probably twenty plus older who cursed and was going through a divorce
gym teachers who flirted with girls in tiny athletic shorts
guy outside the school bus window that I could never be with
guy walking on the wrong side of the hallway
after school sports events that I never got to stay at
where the parking turned into a different sort of lot
runs havoc down the pit of my gut
pink condom on the high school parking lot
thinking of all the wild fucks that happened inside a sports car
when I walked over
with books held over my heart

20170922_longShadow (2)


Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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