Take me

It’s only when I’m a bundle of nerves
that I laugh with my heart’s content
and worry, like I’m stuck in some past… somewhere in between mixed realities…
the sweet surrender of colors that mimic the faint tints of my heart
and echoes of music where the source can’t be found
These moments twirl me back into a teenager
whose eyes glowed, like they do now
wondering what life is and where it’ll go
opening the doors to an outside world, slowly, carefully
letting it all come in like swirling fall leaves in foreign colors of maple syrup, yellow gold, and orange pumpkins
amid glimmering sunlight in the distance
with my hair long,
I feel like a fairy princess
wondering who will love me as I am
with smooth powder on my skin
and heart, so easy to hold onto one’s hands
and clench it
doe eyed wonder
the miracle of life in this tinted sad delight
turning and turning, like a maiden in paradise
completely open
completely impressionable
take me

Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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