Molecules work against you, or for you, to present themselves in ways that allows the decoding of their atomic structure
in the form of realities that exist before your eyes
during a smooth ride in bicycle against autumn air
and collide with your thoughts
to take you back to being a desperate wallflower in your middle school dance
wondering who’s the love of your life
outside of this room full of boys; some of them druggies, and most of them unnoticeable
the world awaits outside where there’s something
~just around the riverbend~
but in the meanwhile, ’tis the life of a wallflower
saving herself to tie in with thorns and roses over a mad man’s castle
he lives inside, like the beast awaiting beauty
somewhere unknown I watch him as a rose does
still and beautiful
so I chose to be a plant instead
If I can watch him, and be surrounded by his manliness
I open and flourish like in spring time
and send him my scent from the window
when he looks over
I hold against the outside walls so that he wouldn’t see me
because I’d be petrified if he only knew how vulnerable I really was
those are the types of tears that flowers cry
amid their dewy petals
but he comes over and inhales its fragrance
and feels this never-ending love story,
staring at the flower
who couldn’t show herself in the form he desires
oh this complex love
it doesn’t end there
it began in various times in various forms in one’s life
feeling like a wallflower at the school dance is just one of them

Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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