Different people in different times

You’d stay silent, just holding my hand, and I believe it
But would you save the girl with the mustache
Would you be the golden child with bright clear eyes and a careless smile
The teacher that jumped on desks
Or the soccer coach intern

Would you love goldilocks in her short skirt as she holds her binder and leans against the locker
Would you dance with the woman in sleek silk dress
Would you have a bowtie on
Would you go outside and raise your arms at the falling snow flurries
And try to taste it with your tongue out in hysteria

Would you play music strumming out of your heart
And stay quiet with just the simple tune

Would you write it all in a diary
And throw it in the ocean; waiting for someone to find it

Would you turn around
And hallucinate at the sight of the lights before you
And feel like you did when you once did pot
That claimed your energy; you claimed
Are you still on that ledge, walking, down construction sites
Atop New York City
The man with a bowtie on

Or would you jump
In front of a street crowd and start dancing

‘Cause you’re just that bright eyed kid at heart
Who can’t sit still

And needs his candy, and toys, and now women
Women women
Full to grasp, in his hands
As he holds her buttocks over her silk dress
And he has a bowtie on
While they dance
Nose to nose

Does he tell her he loves her?
Does he caress her brown hair?
Did the lights shine down on them
At the school dance?
The old music plays
And she gets it, just like his heart does

Maybe they’re the same

Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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