Regressing to the human form

He walks along the street dancing
on his coat that’s a bit too big for him
he doesn’t care though
he’s grinning ear to ear
his head’s hung low
bopping to the beat of a song
he hops on the edge of the street
and twirls back down when feels
he moves at the right parts
and laughs at the mess ups
he keeps dancing, walking, and spinning
letting them think what they must
he’s got his smile and his eyes are closed
he’s forgotten his name, and he doesn’t care to know
he’s got a coat on that’s a bit too big for him
he’s got no land that he calls his own
no religion to get wound up on
he’s got no culture to rant about
just a guy going grey in the hairs
with his eyes closed and a big smile on his face

Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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