Remorse can happen at the oddest of times
like when you’re beautifying yourself
can’t dictate where the mind goes
when you’re not being present
like the massacre of turkeys during Thanksgiving; those highly intelligent animals
but then chicken is intelligent too
I guess intelligence correlates to taste:
maybe humans like to eat highly intelligent animals like chicken, turkeys, pigs, tunas, cows,
maybe humans have a taste for cannibalism as a delicacy.

But my grandpa loved meat too during his youth. He’d probably eat a turkey in Thanksgiving before he went all religious and gave up meat. He probably hunted for animals in his youth like the royals and other rich posses that he hung out with. My grandpa was so well dressed all the time. Because he was raised like that; proud and wealthy. He shaved every day and beautified himself. My grandpa had green eyes that he didn’t care for, but it was a big deal to me and I wanted to show it to the world. My grumpy grampy. An honest man who loved food and probably women in his youth. My innocent grandpa who read books because there was nothing else to do after retirement.

He came across so serious and grumpy, but I was the only one who always made him laugh.
My grandpy
My granpapa.
Every career success I’ve had I’ve dedicated it to him.

And if I were to be some life form in the next life after circling through the same plane that humans, animals, and other creatures encircle, I’d want him to be my grandpa again.

Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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