Beer saved their marriage

Beer was the only thing that brought them back fully together. It was a common denominator. Getting a bit tipsy and drunk off bitter beer was what they had to do to sustain their relationship.

She came home from her job only to find her husband sitting on the sofa, giving her the silent treatment.
“Hi?” She questioned aggressively.
“Hi” he responded back matter-of-factly with his eyes glued to the sports channel.
The exchange was a stark contrast to the wild sex they had about a week ago. They were so drunk that they couldn’t really remember what happened, but did remember that it happened.
She aggressively slammed the front door and headed towards the kitchen with a sigh.

At dinner time, the kids came running down the stairs again, and it became a mayhem of screaming playful kids and passive aggressive husband and wife.
“Did you… want the… cheese… over the pasta?” The husband asked out of fear, misery, and for the sake of trying to sound okay.
“Yes… please” responded the wife through her clenched jaw. The kids were now running around the kitchen screaming and playing with each other. The wife said their full names as a sign of authority and discipline. The kids listened for a second, and then went back to running around and screaming. The wife gave out a loud sigh. “Could you… pass… the knife… please” she asked the husband.
He placed it on the table, and she took it and started shredding through the chicken.

The dinner was intense, and each thought about the possibility of just getting a divorce and ending this misery. But then again, they had the screaming kids, finances, a big house, a location where they had no one else but themselves, a mother going through cancer, a father-in-law going through depression, an alcoholic brother, jobs, two cats and a dog, and a reputation of being an ideal family amongst their peers.

At the end of the passive aggressive dinner filled with discomfort and anger, the kids went to bed and the wife asked for a can of beer. The husband brought it to her. After a stomach full of pasta, dead chicken, a murdered pig, and now a little bit of beer, she giggled with the dog and the cats because she loved animals. She chugged down more beer as they watched a live concert on TV. She cheered and he rooted right along, just like in college days. Just a few more cans until they would be knocked out for the night, only to start another day tomorrow. Beer saved their marriage.

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