I love you with your colors, without your colors

I love you without your colors
I love you with your colors
yellow, like the sunlight
underneath the dust and the butterflies
when you look at me the world shines in sheer brightness
the feel of liquid over your lips
that you wipe with your tongue
colors of pink and white
that fizz over the ocean blue
that merge with the skies

I love you without your colors
where we don’t see nor hear each other

I love you without your colors
where we look the same
transparent, in the dark
feeling the whiff of wind that holds our hands
and connects us to something greater
like the whole wide universe
where the stars scatter far and wide
to showcase the dark space in between

I love you with your colors
where you glow like sunrise amid the gentle seas
where I watch you, unable to hold, unable to tell you how gorgeous you look
like the orange tangerines that flourish playfully underneath the canopy of green leaves
the sweetest things
again go back to your lips that I love
that know nothing else, but to make love to mine

The way you dance so happily in the sunlight
as I look from the shadows
towards the veins of my aging hands a hundred years old

Be transparent with me, let’s loose our colors
and disappear into the clouds forever
only to be born, yet again
like the blooming buds of a billion poppies in desolate deserts
making love to the earth and the skies that give them light
and all their bright yellow colors


Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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