Sharing you in this rusty red crusty make believe

Must I, if I, can I
share you for a bit?
I promise it’ll only be a century
of love fking as bright as day
holy sunshine, scattered through our bodies
as time flies
who cares
when there’s you and I and nothing
real anyway

Let the sound of whiney music speak for itself
let the mad people keep turning up again and again like clockwork
we got the whole damn paradise
right here baby
in this delusion

But it’s not, I promise
read the words of a liar and trust it
because it’s not a lie if it’s the holy truth for a minute

Will we continue to get high
and fly through some rusty landscape
a jacked-up location
than the ones our childish eyes had ever dreamt of?
Is this the reality now?
Soaring through some rusty red crusty brown make-believe
ride after ride
high after high
with silence as the end


Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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