Her routine

She walked around her new city. The streets were narrow, and the shops were small. The smell was of piss and pastry, coffee, and alcohol. There were high-end stores, and roadside stalls. There were girls in fancy dresses and men who slept on the streets. It was a city of extremities, of highs and lows, an immersion in contradiction, and a mixture of feelings.

Just like how she was feeling that exact moment when she smiled under the streetlights at dusk while looking at the subtle raindrops. It was spring season, and the air smelled of salt from the nearby seas. And piss. There was always the smell of lingering piss. Piss and salty sea air. Such was the city by the seas.

She moved here when she wanted to move away from her previous city. Now that she was here, it was only natural for her to soak it all in and belong to it. She was one with this city. It was her home now, for however long she was going to be here next.

She walked into her apartment, and the cats came prancing at her feet. There were three of them; Catskill, Lidia, and Annalee. Annalee was a stray she had found near the trash bin at this new place. Catskill and Lidia were adopted from the local animal control center in her previous city.

After giving them their food, she went into the kitchen and microwaved something she had made last week. Then she opened her laptop, read the news; lots and lots of news, and went to sleep. The next morning she went to her office, worked very late, came home, fed her cats, microwaved something off the fridge, read lots and lots of news, and went to sleep.

The weekend came and she went for a walk in the woods.

The weekday came and she continued with her everyday routine: work, cats, food, news, sleep. Then the weekend came and she went for a walk in the woods. Then the weekday came, then the weekend.

Then suddenly something happened; it was her birthday. She was miserable. She avoided all phone calls from family and friends giving her celebratory cheers. After breaking down and crying while reading news, she went to sleep.

The next day she was back into her same weekday norms. Then several days later, the weekend norms.

Life just happened. It just flowed until she moved to another city where she would take in a new cat and continue with her routine.


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