Him: He delivered sandwiches

Their story’s never complete. It always stopped in the middle before any climax happened. Just like when he stopped talking about the time he was taken advantage of, and she couldn’t pry further. Mouth locked and zipped without gap.

He delivered food though, during times like the pandemic, and he went to shady houses owned by drug dealers and sex offenders.

He was on a mission to become rich enough to buy a new car. One that would lead him to drive cross country, so that he could view the stars clearly from Utah.

He grasped what he could carry and headed out the door. He had on his cap, jeans, jacket, and an ambitious drive.

Who knew sandwiches would be the cause for some really scary near death experiences. Hoodlums stopped him in his tracks when he headed near the drug dealer’s house to deliver sandwiches. One held a knife to his throat and the other pointed a gun at him before he entered the gate.

“What’s in that bag?” the one pointing the gun inquired.
“Sandwiches” he confided.
“You got any money?”

He gave the hoodlum whatever change he could scrape from his wallet. He also gave him the bag of sandwiches. They then let him go by the gate and drove off. He went back to his ratty car all shaken up. He had no sandwiches to deliver and no money in his pocket. He headed back to the restaurant.

Few strippers tried to entice him at the bar that evening, but he had no money to give them. He had no money for drinks either. He was friends with one of the girls there, but she wasn’t working tonight. A different dancer glided on her pole and winked at him. He glared beyond her; still shaken up from the encounter earlier.
After her duty, the stripper even suggested they hook up later, but he wasn’t into her.

He went to his rented unit that was pretty much a walk-in closet in an apartment that he shared with another friend. It was dark, gloomy, and the bedsheets needed to be laundered. He slipped in there and went to bed. He shut his eyes hard in an effort to go to sleep.

The next day, he quit his job, and wondered where life would take him next.


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