Him: He got a phone call

He got a phone call from the stripper he loved one night. She was crying on the other line, “I just need somebody to talk to” she sobbed. She told him how the guy she was seeing used her and left. How she had given him some of her hard-earned money, only to never get anything in return from him. “I really thought it was gonna go somewhere” she sobbed.

Deep inside he was glad it didn’t go anywhere because he loved her. However, he hated hearing her cry. He wished he was there to cradle her in his arms. “Well, I’m always here to listen” he told her sweetly. He remained quiet as she sobbed, cursed, and blabbed on the phone. He was great at listening, and she knew it. It was why their friendship was so great, and why she didn’t want anything more.


  1. He delivered sandwiches
  2. He worked nights while she worked poles

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