Him: Delusional state

He made her breakfast; whatever she wanted, and they ate together. They went for a nice afternoon walk. They huddled and cuddled. Watched their kids play. Kissed each other “goodnight” and repeated it the next day.

That’s all he ever wanted. It gave him purpose. He also had a supportive wife. Every night they pretended that they were meant to be together… that it was written in fate. Every morning they woke up with purpose; to cut through the day, the week, and to head into the weekend. Then they got old, and they looked back and wondered how it happened so fast. But when they looked back, it was nice memories. There were no regrets. Then they died, just like the couples before them, and disappeared forever.

He raised his head up from his desk and looked out the window at the gleaming sun. He had slept again and was thinking crazy things in his delusional state.


  1. He delivered sandwiches
  2. He worked nights while she worked poles
  3. He got a phone call
  4. I love depressed guys
  5. Highlight of the year
  6. A hug that would go nowhere

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