Him: I just needed to talk

He dialed the hot girl hotline. He fumbled through the steps for payment. “Hello…” a seductive voice answered.
“Hi” he said, “I just needed to talk” and he broke down and cried.

Typically, he would have gone to the familiar strip club and attempt to talk to the girl he loved. However, she only made herself available when she wanted. The rest of the girls there hardly ever wanted to talk either.

“Can I talk to you for a long time?” he asked in desperation.
“As long as you want honey” the deep womanly voice responded.
“My dog died” he blurted out with a cracked voice. That was a lie. He was actually alone, sad, and pathetic.
“Oh I’m sorry honey” the deep womanly voice said with an even gentle tone, “Is there anything I can do?”
“Be there for me” he whimpered. He looked at himself in the mirror. He had dark hair and his facial hairs was graying and needed trimming. His shirt was unkempt. He looked darker than normal in low light. Through the reflection from the window on the side of his face, he could see a tear mark below his eye.
“I’m there for you honey” she said.
“Thanks” he sobbed. He kept sobbing as she kept silent. When his sobbing subsided, there was more silence. “What’s your name?” he finally managed to ask.
“Selena” she answered.
“What are you wearing?”
“Absolutely nothing.”
“Can I touch you everywhere?”
“You can touch me anywhere honey.”
He then asked if he could touch her in her sensitive areas, to which she willingly responded ‘yes.’
“Can I make love to you front ways and back ways?”
“Oh yes honey yes” She responded.
He then asked her if he could make love to her in many other ways, to which she responded with a ‘yes oh yes.’
They made heavy sounds. They made petting sounds. They giggled. He cried.
“Selena I think I love you. Would you live with me forever for as long as I like?”
“Oh yes honey” she responded.
“Selena I love you” he confirmed.
“I love you too” she validated.
“Selena, let me give you my address and you come down here. I’ll take you around, we’ll go places. My room’s closet-sized and tiny, but I also have a living room with a window, and it’ll be my own once my roommate leaves. He’s leaving soon because I’m kicking him out since he only does drugs and doesn’t pay rent. I can manage the payment because I have a sandwich job, but just barely. I know that’s confusing, but I manage sandwiches. I got promoted. I used to distribute but that almost killed me. Long story, will tell you all about it…”
“Hello…? Hello?” She responded on the other line.
“Hello? Selena can you hear me?” he asked eagerly.
“Hello? I can’t hear you…” her voice trailed off and then he heard even silence.
“Hello? Selena are you there? Selena?” he asked again. He heard no response. “Selena?” he asked again but still got no response.

After the call dropped, he went through the hassle of paying for the service again and called one more time. When it was received, he immediately asked “Hello, Selena?”
“Hi honey” the woman responded.
“Selena! My Selena?” he asked laughingly.
“It’s Tulip” the woman responded.
“Where’s Selena?” he inquired.
“I don’t know, but I’m ready for you honey” the deep womanly voice said.

It felt like the loneliness of a bar in broad daylight, the imperfections of a club room when the lights turned on, and the emptiness of bass beats when there were no one dancing. He felt just as empty and unmotivated; just as quiet and unfulfilled. He hung up.


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