Him: She wanted a teddy bear

She wanted a teddy bear. She drove him wild. She was the stripper whom he loved, who didn’t love him back. He recalled a story she told him about a time when she really wished for a new teddy bear, but her single mother couldn’t afford one. Now that he was making money selling sandwiches, he thought about how he could be her knight in shining armor. He’d do everything he could to get her the teddy bear she always wanted. He’d get her the biggest softest one there is. He’d go to the end of the world for it. He went to various shops to find the one for her.

He got her the biggest softest teddy bear there was. She was dancing on the pole that night when he walked in and told her that he had a gift for her in his car. She told him she’d meet him during her break. He waited and watched her do her job. He was in love.

He asked her to close her eyes as they stood before his old car. He then told her to open her eyes while he held the teddy bear.

“Surprise!” he said, “Who’s cuter, me or the teddy bear?” he asked as he smiled.

She smiled back, “You ARE a teddy bear” she said. She then ruffled his hair like that of a kid’s before taking it from him. She hugged it tightly,  “You’re so sweet” she said, “So random and so sweet.”

“Anything for you” he said. Along with the gift, he also gave her a little romantic card that contained his contact information. He wanted to make sure that she could contact him anytime; and he hoped that one day she would.

“Thank you, sweetheart” she said as she smiled and touched his cheek. She told him she was going to put it in her car now and go back to work. Inside, she’d do some more pole working on her scantily dressed body for money.

“Don’t work too hard” he told her.

“Why, teddy’s got me?”

“Teddy’s got you all day and all night long” he said.

“Can’t do that with a teddy” She chuckled and walked inside. He smiled in the dark for a moment in his own delusion before he headed out.


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