I gotta save all the animals

It’s desperate, no one’s doing it. There’s calves in Switzerland with spikes on their noses so that they don’t drink their mother’s milk.
There’s people who pet and hug cows yet order their limbs for meal every night. Traitors.
There’s cows in Switzerland walking in beautiful hills, forming a normal life, but any day any one of them could be picked for murder.
The unruly muscular bull probably gets picked to die. Maybe the butchers hate his attitude. The unruly ones are easier to kill because you feel less guilty.
Are we humans or are we evil…

There’s pigs spilling off transport trucks that crash while taking them to slaughter factories. Wild ducks being caged.

Spiders being squashed out of someone’s amusement.

Street dogs being poisoned.

Wild animals being burned alive in agricultural fires and wildfires in the Americas.

There’s people who love animals eating and abusing them.

Foxes whose habits are being destroyed due to new constuctions.

Animals have nobody! The situation is dire and no one’s doing anything. I can’t sit here and be helpless all night. I’m gonna be their superhero, I gotta save them now.

They don’t have anyone that truly cares.

I gotta save them.

I gotta save them.


Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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