Cold Feb night

Cold February night, there’s nothing to do but to sit here by an empty downtown and smell the scent of China and amber. Ambrosia, amnesia. It’s all quiet on the hood ’till one drunk screams to the unknown and the train scathes on by. The chill is colder when there’s a couple walking together without a purpose. It’d be better if they were alone and admitting to the fact that they want more. It’d be better if those walking alone could be normalized. It’d be better if the man that looks at a girl wants to take her home for the night. It’d be better if nothing was planned out in this town. If everyone could accept eachother’s extremes and chaos in real life, outside of the internet. If you could show how truly alone you are, we all are, by just being out there. Out of your room and not in some bar somewhere where no one knows your name. Out in happy town, funny town, nice town, where no one is really that annoying and everyone just wants to have fun. Why can’t we build candyland, why can’t we grow paradise. Spend all your money on a patch of desert land instead of for out there in space. Let’s just call it tinsel town without meat, dairy and murder. Let’s be simple and consistent from day one. Find your nightly lover in the only ugly man that walks by. Grab all your childhood merry friends and form a tinsel paradise. No need to go to lame couple dates with strangers when you have a community of cool grown kids. Make this quiet night a party town but ten times more nice, sweet, and funny. Not broken free from some restraint. None of that sadness, constraint, and push back. Just open, fun, and nice. Because that is who we are; nice. Because we are bound by simply and only love.


Published by Samasya Tapasya

Samasya? Tapasya!

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