Genghis Khan — The Vale of Soul-Making

If you’re afraid – don’t do it, – if you’re doing it – don’t be afraid! ― Genghis Khan (c. 1162–c. 1227)

via Genghis Khan — The Vale of Soul-Making


Climbing ambitions

Chugging energy,
Heart on fire
Too many questions, too little time
Climbing ambitions
Vanishing restrictions
Instinctive, fueled by passion, high on drive
Burning with curiosity
Honest motives
Direct and raw
Uninhibited and fearless
Wise and confident
Worshiping the answers


To rise

To have been a fearful person who’s holding on to a tilting sail amid a treacherous storm
And to learn to smile
and find the will to heal
Brings in great amount of confidence, and a reassured feeling
That you will rise and own what it is to be,
in your destiny.


To be like him

The ride down the lane; down the tube like straight roads of my memory. Blurred visions outside of lights passing by amid the darkness. The lack of conversation and the lack of memory of the few brief things we talked about. I was too consumed with comfort of a ride home from the place I interned at. No bus tonight. It was a smooth drive with a professional man who earned a living, who had a Russian accent, who had a place of his own, a car of his own, who paid his own bills, and who offered to drive me home from our office. I was just a poor graduate student who mostly associated with other broke students. Opening the door to his car, it felt like I was touching something valuable. And when I sat down, I felt so relieved in the presence of a real grown man. We were essentially working in the same department, but he had a legitimate higher position while I was a temporary intern. It was the first time I fell in love with the thought of being like him. I could smell the freeing scent of becoming a self-made woman one day; earning my own money, owning my own place, driving my own car, of being a professional, of being powerful, self-sufficient, just like him, someday…

Written 2014/06/12, based on past

Inspirational principles

(From “the seven spiritual laws of yoga” )


Pure Potentiality
Om Bhavam Namah
ओम भवम नम
I am absolute existence


Giving and Receiving
Om Vardhanam Namah
ओम वर्धनम् नम
I am the nourisher of the universe and the universe nourishes me


Karma or Cause and Effect
Om Kriyam Namah
ओम क्रियम नम
My actions are aligned with cosmic law


Least Effort
Om Daksham Namah
ओम दक्शम नम
My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort


Intention and Desire
Om Ritam Namah
ओम ऱितम नम
My intentions and desires are supported by cosmic law


Om Anandham Namah
ओम आनन्धम नम
My actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome


Dharma or Purpose in Life
Om Varunam Namah
ओम वरुणाम नम
My life is in harmony with cosmic law