Tangerine boy




I don’t care that you’re an ok stud to begin with
It’s your transformation from a frog to a king; is what turns me on
It’s your metamorphosis from a beetle bug to a ruler of a massive castle
A dirt at the bottom of my shoe to a dynamite
An eerie ghastly thing
To something so tangible, tasteable, finger licking sweet
Something so cold and hard; now sunny and malleable
It’s your aura; it’s the truth
It binds me from the back
Your arms reaching out
For a grasp
And there’s no turning back…


Cliff point

It’s like the spot on the edge of a cliff
Fingers and the heart are sort of numb and blazing hot
The only difference is, that we never fall

Like a horizon that’s never touched by the sinking sun
No warm jacket on a cold night
Thriving sea of emptiness
Yet this feeling of never alone

Work that’s tied to a meaning
Restless dreams that keep living
A vision of an idealistic world that we’ve admired

Seasons that change, but that are full of hopes
Sweet stuff, sweet words, sweet dreams
All those things, pulled from inside a magician’s hat

Fantasy is where you are
Like a shooting star with bits of lingering shimmer, even after I close my eyes

Like infinite dust sprouting from a cyclone in the desert
The howling of the winds in scary nights
Amid sadness, deep pain, and restlessness

Like an unfinished free verse

That’s where we seem to linger

Dance on the musical notes in a paper
Appear and disappear in vinyl images
Get embossed in the burning red fire

We’ve promised to give our lives several times before
We’ll promise several times after
I’ll never find you
You’ll never find me
In any direction but this point on the cliff’s edge



Smell of plastic in the rain

The night is wild
It’s all game
You’re standing in your jacket on the beach in the rain
There’s newfound jolt in me that wants to abrase the arms of your jacket
And breathe in its plastic freshness
Burying my face in the cold wet shell of you
How strong you feel, through and through
Carry me in the arms of you
Ride down roads made for us
Wild, free, and young
A newfound spirit spurts over a rusted crust
Newfound energy from extracted juices of the earth
Fresh feelings arising from old soul mates
Just like this, everything’s always new and wild with you