David Levithan

The Vale of Soul-Making

I love you— I do— but I am afraid of making that love too important. Because you’re always going to leave me. We can’t deny it. You’re always going to leave. — David Levithan, Every Day. (Knopf Books for Young Readers; 1st Printing edition, 2012)

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Nice to everybody

The more you see how temporary everything is, the more you want to be extremely nice to everybody.

Reminders, from today

To the war veteran on the wheelchair, sitting outside on a warm day
The young woman alone with a child
To the young man huddled in the comfort of his cheap phone
The beggar down the street
To the heavy lady who has to walk under the hot sun
To the bus driver contemplating life as he drives
To the middle aged black woman in a fancy sports car driving home from a long day at work
To middle management who always have to try harder
To leaders who don’t really know what they’re doing

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“The image does not refer to painting but to something alive..”


Lise Sarfati is a French photographer known for her images of despondence in Russia and comparable the vacuousness of Los Angeles. Sarfati lived in Russia for the duration of the 90s, taking photographs of the homeless and broken youth, before turning her lens onto California for her “On Hollywood” series, focusing on the women who give up everything to realise their American dream.

Η Γαλλίδα φωτογράφος, Λίζα Σαρφάτι είναι γνωστή για τις καταθλιπτικές φωτογραφίες της στην Ρωσσία σε σύγκριση με το διαφορετικό αέρα του Λος Άντζελες. Η Σαρφάτι έχει ζήσει στην Ρωσσία κατα την διάρκεια των 90’s, και έβγαζε φωτογραφίες την άστεγη και διαλυμένη νεότητα, πριν γυρίσει τον φωτογραφικό της φακό στην Καλιφόρνια για το προτζεκτ της “On Hollywood”, όπου επικεντρώθηκε στην γυναίκα η οποία τα παράτησε όλα για το Αμερικάνικο όνειρο.

tumblr_n0upaaSKyd1sfhs77o6_1280-784x529.jpg The Yakovlev family, 1993


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