Unintended pain

Rains, wash me of every little unintended pain I’ve caused onto others
And every little unintended pain others have caused onto me.
I sit here, letting myself piece apart to your great suspension
Surrounded by a universe full of you
My heart beating to your drips against my skin
Rain! Rain, rain.



What is love?

Smile. Sunlight. Beings. The world. The feeling of inclusion. The feeling of everything. The feeling that the heart has no capacity; it’s infinite. The reflection of light on a raindrop. The ray of light through the window. The way a trail of tear meets the curve of the smile. The feeling of being alone on top of a mountain but in unison with the world at the same time. The feeling of being confined and bedridden yet seeing one’s self dance to the sound of a beautiful tune. The feeling of freedom. The feeling of eternity. You, and everything that makes you, that’s shared with the universe.

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