Zoning out as usual

After almost 24 hrs without sleep in LA and a day of walking around in China, I’m just as is near the himalayas. Dusty roads and birds chirping around me mid daylight, but I’m just lying in bed inside. Staring at the cracked ceiling
Filled with love.





Tropical bird

Please don’t leave, he whispered from the depths of his heart
Her forest eyes pierced into his mind and took him elsewhere
Where red-yellow birds flew over the rainbow
And the waterfalls drenched into the ground
Don’t leave me, he thought
As he buried his nose in her hair
And got soaked in that waterfall.

In a dimly lit room, there remained only he and she
But when he closed his eyes, she was somewhere else
In paradise
Her dark hair cascading down her back
The piece of clothing around her; green
Her forest marble eyes and her adoring smile
Flashing at him with the peaking sunlight
Her careless walk with the wind
How salty her skin
He clenched the shell of her underneath the dim lights
And begged her not to leave


Magical bird

In my childhood, I saw something on TV that stuck with me. This guy entered an empty house full of… birds? They flew around in slow motion. They shined. They were women. It was a house full of beautiful women. They smiled and they greeted each other silently. They walked around in slow motion. He observed them as he walked between them and around then. A woman, with a sweater on, looked at his direction and smiled. He smiled idly and waved back at her. She walked towards him and his happiness lingered with a sigh of relief. She walked past him and greeted her friend. His smiled dropped. It was as if he was completely nonexistent.

I’d say hi to him. I wouldn’t ignore him. I’d comfort him. I’d lead him through this oddly foreign territory. I’d smile next to him. I’d put my head on his shoulder and link my arm to his. We’d sit on the sofa underneath the ray of sunlight penetrating through the window. I’d look at him and he’d look at me, and we’d be lost in each other’s eyes in a vast blue sea of wonder. We’d form a pyramid with our finger tips. I would whisper of love and my dreams and fill the void in his empty heart. It’s true. That’s what I’d do, if I were a magical bird.


Lucky birds

Another year, and the birds are still riding the river on a floating sheet of ice. How awesome it must be to be them; enjoying the fresh outdoors while hanging out as a group with fellow flocks-mates.
Just travelling on a mission together, sitting and checking out the cool scenery together, flying about and getting business done together…

Having a purpose in life.

20170113_145358 (2)_LI.jpg



(These birds a year ago:

Short story: Just like that?

She was sobbing and swirling inwards into an uncontrollable frenzy of alcohol consumption. He saw her sitting at the restaurant table and came by. He held her around the shoulders and said, “Hey… sorry I was a bit late.” She just sobbed and gazed at the table, before chugging on the bottle again.

“Do you… want to talk about it?” He asked her considerately.

“What’s there to talk about? It’s over, everything is over” she told her longtime friend. It pained him to see her in this state.

“What’s over?” He inquired.

“Hopes and dreams. Walks on the beach. Sleeping next to him on the lawn under the sun. Ambitions on being married to him, owning a house together, having three kids. It’s done! It’s over!”

He held her tight and told her it was going to be okay.

“It’s not okay! He was all I ever wanted. I freaking almost fainted when he first asked for my phone number. I almost cried when he went on a vacation with his friends and came back after a few days. I was literally broke yet lost $5,000 on some bullshit holiday package with him that never happened, but it was okay, it was alright, because I still had him and he had me and that’s all that mattered!”

“Go on” he said. She chugged the entire bottle of alcohol and slammed it on the table. Her mascara was running below her eyes. She was a hot mess.

“I did Dave. I did all that. I gave up everything for that man, I had so much aspirations and dreams” she started sobbing again, “And now I have nothing.”

He hugged her shoulders tight again and she quietly whimpered over his chest. How he had desired her over the years and had secretly wanted to date her. He just never had the opportunity to ask because she had become so infatuated with this new guy. They had continued to remain “friends” but he knew definitely that wasn’t the reason why he was around her. He broke the silence and asked her, “So what happened?”

She stared at the empty bottle and responded, “He didn’t like birds tweeting.”

There was a deep silence.

“Wait… what?” He asked.

She continued, “He didn’t like birds tweeting loudly in the morning against the window. How could anyone not? We weren’t meant to be. I ended it.”

“Just like that?” He asked in a state of confusion.

“Mmhmm” she nodded sadly.


After the evening dinner with her, he came back to his apartment. His roommate asked him, “How’d it go? Did you get to have a second chance with her?”

He took off his shoes, sat on the sofa and asked his friend to bring him beer from the fridge. He took a sip and responded, “She’s nuts. I’m ending it.”

“Just like that?” His friend asked.

“Mmhmm” he nodded.