Sometimes it etches

Sometimes it etchesit can only come through certain meansa word that’s embedded in nonsensein lines that aren’t continuousin languages unspokenbody parts unseen In flickers of candle lights at nightwhen one’s alone in the darkin blistering pain, hungerfrustration, exhaustion, boredomin the pain of a headachewhen one wants to dance but one can’t in the right placeContinue reading “Sometimes it etches”

This minute

And just like that, it goes away This random feeling amid a sea of constant boredomthat sparks that you are a week soul insideand that you’re truly lost, just like everyone elsewhen your intentions are mistakenleading to this ability to drop everythingand to be ok with the end Is this what one feels when theyContinue reading “This minute”

The everything in little things

Too busy making plans right now. There will come a day when little things will be vocalized like they’re a big deal Like telling the other that the fireplace needs new wood Or asking if the grass is cut, or what time a regularly watched TV show will air. Two elderly couple, friends with eachContinue reading “The everything in little things”