Stark vision

You have a way of surprising me. Your show-stopping eyes… I swear that it’s still; it’s a painting. You’re a piece of some marvelous artwork. When I least expect it, you walk into the room and just glow
heaven’s pure white light.
The life in your face
The sun’s tender kisses on your skin. I didn’t know you could almost be my tone.
Who are you, who are we?
You have an uncanny ability
To leave me breathless.
That stark white collar against the back of your darkened neck. An unexpected bolt of lightning electrifies my heart. You look back for a split second, and stagger at my golden hue. I’m glad I could do it to you. Glad you could see it too. I always thought I could outshine you, but you out-did me boy. I’m stupefied. With those shimmering stubbles framed around your nape,
(Can I touch it?)
That look of utter demand you carry. Do you want me to say something?
You win
Standing before me. Made of sleek, smoking ice
Making me burn
Dancing, at your feet.



Ice storm

Your body, collide with me;
Shattered zillion pieces of
Sharp crystals…
And smoking ice.
Pulverized snow
Scratched underneath fingernails
The core marbled lattice
That’s numb and blazing
Stinging, arid
Never melting,
Sticking and breaking.
The weight of our solid embrace
The gravity, uncompromisable.
Raining sleet
While the world freezes,
Freezer burn
Between our strike