You look real good sister

A young woman was walking in the city during her work lunch break. She was well-dressed and had high heels on. Her long hair gently flowed with her, yet she was busy in thought. A man was calmly walking down the street with his hands in his pockets. They crossed paths and he said, “You look good sister, you look realll good.”
She responded, “Yeah, but I got a shitty personality though.”


Lucky from the top

How lucky am I to see the world from this vantage point right now?
Birds chasing boats, boats probably chasing fish…
Three pigeon friends walking in line and circle dancing once in a while
The precise rise and dives of the birds
Majestic man made towers
Probably fresh scent of pizza, simmering with buzzing downtown lights across the water
Humid spring air.
Sounds of cello looming inside my headphones
Piano keys hoisting my spirit, while I watch the boat sail.